Slurry Solo, Delectable Blend Of Pureed & Gudeg

It turns out that a lot of Solo  resep gudeg yogya enak
CULINARY should be explored. Because in this city not only nasi liwet solo Strait and delicious, a lot more dishes that are worth a try.


One solo mush. If slurry is usually resep cumi goreng tepung asam pedas
served with
curry sauce and toppings in the form of chicken, shred fried peanuts, fried onions, celery leaves and crackers. Then the pulp is thus not solo.


A bowl of congee rice porridge contains solo soft combined with solo gudeg, krecek vegetable and tofu. Taste the fresh pulp would be full if eaten with sweet gudeg savory, spicy and vegetable krecek knows that too savory.


In his hometown, solo so mush popular dish especially in the morning or evening. NY Swan, owner of the restaurant Kitchen Solo original also bleed Solo solo is a culinary porridge said mandatory try nasi liwet and rice in addition to the issuance.


"This should be attempted. Delicious, mix of toppings on it that much. In contrast to the porridge many in Jakarta, solo porridge spiced feels more "said Ny. Swan told Okezone when found in the title of a Solo Flavour (GCRS) held in Sunter, North Jakarta. GCRS is held to this day, Sunday (13/12/2015) in the restaurant.