Solid si Plumbers Know strategy

Traders know gejrot this one has slightly different ways in peddling the companionship.

PASAR REBO-Man 41 years was resep tahu gejrot khas bandung
the focus of preparing hors d'oeuvre named know gejrot to the purchasers. Herbs are the basis of the typical culinary of Cirebon was, he broken up and mashed with painstaking. The aroma smell arises, any rollover salivary salivary-buyers who can't wait to dine.

Was Agus Mulyadi, traders know resep dimsum ayam kukus
that everyday gejrot available on refueling stations (GAS STATIONS) around the crossroad Caglak, Kelurahan Gedong, Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta. Agus was already a seller know gejrot since 10 years ago.

Almost every day he hung in the refueling locations. The kind of transporting bikes capitalization box to put the companionship, Agus search fortune.

That distinguishes the traders know gejrot Agus than most, is berjualannya hours. The majority of traders are protein-rich foods that sell since morning to evening.

As for Agus who lived in the path of Haji Ali RT 05/04 No. 64, Kampung Tengah, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta, using different strategies with other traders. He was selling since the afternoon until midnight. The location of any GAS STATIONS selling Agus in General not.

This is all not without calculation. According to him, selling more precise gejrot knew performed on the afternoon until the evening. Pouring sweat profusely due to the abundance of the fresh chilis in soup know gejrot, assessed more ' fresh ' if out at night. Long before the drought struck Jakarta Indonesia, even becoming the background anyway.

Apparently, hitung-hitungan Agus could not miss. Almost every day the companionship that sell hard dilalap stomach-stomach hungry riders. Seekers of light snack with a spicy taste sensation was also gandrungi.

The location of GAS STATIONS that often stops the rider also support this niaganya activity. Often, many riders who after refuelling, stop over to sample tofu gejrot companionship.

"Well be 30-35 servings when rame," said Agus. His income he can not he enjoy himself, but rather should be shared with the owners of the companionship. Percentage of about 60 percent of total earnings he setorkan.

As for the day, Agus an average carry around 35-45 servings know gejrot. One portion is big valued Rp 5-6 thousand. Sometimes, he brought 50 servings of tofu. This step is taken depending on the situation and conditions.

For Agus, the meaning of love is when jualannya many buyers. Simple. Instead, the suffering mean when gejrotnya know more wagon box displayed his bike rather than there is on the stomach-stomach patrons.

In tune with it, there's not much hope Agus in this lifetime. Can eat, meet the needs of the family and a little bit of saving, for him to have enough. Great expectations just inflicted upon future generations, his son, Sekarsari (20), and Santoso (15).