Heavy rain, Sheltering in the stalls, ' Forced ' Es Teler

ES Teler known delights sampled resep es pisang ijo ala resto
kala hot or sunny afternoon. However, another story when residents drop by Lasehan Es Teler Bamboo yellow, the front of the Mall, Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan MTos, Makassar city.

Dozens of residents suddenly stop  resep es teler kelapa muda
this stall due to the heavy rain mengguyur. Rain accompanied by lightning, starting at 13, Friday (27/11/2015). A dozen among the dozens of people who stopped in the shade this gegas ordering es teler for while taking a seat, in the stall.

The rest, who don't buy ice reler, just get pulled over on the terrace or outside the stall, occasionally rainy, wet-kepercik basahan.

"In order to go in sit first, yes the message," said a visitor while passed out in front of the author. Oh yes, the author himself ordered orange juice.

Most of that drop shade is youth and lemudi, about their students. Until news is written, heavy rain is still mengguyur, accompanied by lightning and wind enough body wagging