3 Snacks a Cute Adorable

Something "funny" will always be the center of attention anyone saw it. Including the food that is served with different views.  resep lapis surabaya by ncc The following KompasTravel find the cute nan food 3 adorable.

Ebbey Taiyaki

In Japan, taiyaki commonly referred to as fish cake. The fish cake has a meaning similar to the fish. In the dough, served and taiyaki is resep tiramisu kukus ny liem
from a mixture of flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, eggs, and water that is baked on a baking sheet so the fish shaped called taiyaki.

After baking, fill the stomach of the fish can be filled in a variety of cream, such as nutella cream, vanilla cream, and red bean cream. Then visitors are allowed choose ice cream suit his/her preferences. Available flavors of vanilla and green tea. And additional select 2 of your favorite toppings.

The toppings are available any time like biscuit stick, strawberry, oreo, choco sauce, froot loops, biscuit, almond choco chips, and marshmallows. Choose as you like.


Bapao often we encounter with the display of the color white and round. But what about when bapao was presented with a form that is adorable? Bapao are available at Poppao. Poppao is a food that sells tenant bapao with unusual creations.

Like in this December, Poppao special Christmas themed bapao makes, but with a sense that remain. It feels any sense consists of peanut butter, chocolate, cheese, choco tausa, taro, salted egg custard, sweet cheese, pandan custard apples, beans, tiramisu, rendang chicken, soy sauce chicken, and chicken teriyaki.

When you visit the tenant this meal, try the best-selling menu from Poppao such as peanut butter, pandan custard apples, chicken teriyaki, chocolate, tiramisu, choco ceese, chicken and soy sauce.

And also, when you want to give it as a gift a loved one, it is very precise. Because, this cute bapao can last for 3 days.

Poppao is also now available in shopping malls such as Mal Summarecon Mal Summarecon Serpong, Jakarta, Mal Ciputra Jakarta Mall of Indonesia, Mal Artha Gading Square, Ace Thamrin Nine, Supermal Karawaci, and botanical Square.

Yi Kon

The rise of Korea culture in this world, making the fields for a business venture, especially food. Moreover, ice cone corn is being hunted by many food lovers because of its uniqueness.

No exception Yi Kon providing ice cone with corn flavor that more such creations are available with 3 letter i.e., J, U, and V.

In contrast to ice cream, ice cream tower has a taste that is more crunchy at the cone. When bitten, cone gave him a different texture like a crispy wafer.

For cone, ice cream tower only provides a sense of taro. Taro flavor and milk together on a whim cone inimembuat You want to continue to enjoy it.