Slurry Solo, Delectable Blend Of Pureed & Gudeg

It turns out that a lot of Solo  resep gudeg yogya enak
CULINARY should be explored. Because in this city not only nasi liwet solo Strait and delicious, a lot more dishes that are worth a try.


One solo mush. If slurry is usually resep cumi goreng tepung asam pedas
served with
curry sauce and toppings in the form of chicken, shred fried peanuts, fried onions, celery leaves and crackers. Then the pulp is thus not solo.


A bowl of congee rice porridge contains solo soft combined with solo gudeg, krecek vegetable and tofu. Taste the fresh pulp would be full if eaten with sweet gudeg savory, spicy and vegetable krecek knows that too savory.


In his hometown, solo so mush popular dish especially in the morning or evening. NY Swan, owner of the restaurant Kitchen Solo original also bleed Solo solo is a culinary porridge said mandatory try nasi liwet and rice in addition to the issuance.


"This should be attempted. Delicious, mix of toppings on it that much. In contrast to the porridge many in Jakarta, solo porridge spiced feels more "said Ny. Swan told Okezone when found in the title of a Solo Flavour (GCRS) held in Sunter, North Jakarta. GCRS is held to this day, Sunday (13/12/2015) in the restaurant.

Solid si Plumbers Know strategy

Traders know gejrot this one has slightly different ways in peddling the companionship.

PASAR REBO-Man 41 years was resep tahu gejrot khas bandung
the focus of preparing hors d'oeuvre named know gejrot to the purchasers. Herbs are the basis of the typical culinary of Cirebon was, he broken up and mashed with painstaking. The aroma smell arises, any rollover salivary salivary-buyers who can't wait to dine.

Was Agus Mulyadi, traders know resep dimsum ayam kukus
that everyday gejrot available on refueling stations (GAS STATIONS) around the crossroad Caglak, Kelurahan Gedong, Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta. Agus was already a seller know gejrot since 10 years ago.

Almost every day he hung in the refueling locations. The kind of transporting bikes capitalization box to put the companionship, Agus search fortune.

That distinguishes the traders know gejrot Agus than most, is berjualannya hours. The majority of traders are protein-rich foods that sell since morning to evening.

As for Agus who lived in the path of Haji Ali RT 05/04 No. 64, Kampung Tengah, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta, using different strategies with other traders. He was selling since the afternoon until midnight. The location of any GAS STATIONS selling Agus in General not.

This is all not without calculation. According to him, selling more precise gejrot knew performed on the afternoon until the evening. Pouring sweat profusely due to the abundance of the fresh chilis in soup know gejrot, assessed more ' fresh ' if out at night. Long before the drought struck Jakarta Indonesia, even becoming the background anyway.

Apparently, hitung-hitungan Agus could not miss. Almost every day the companionship that sell hard dilalap stomach-stomach hungry riders. Seekers of light snack with a spicy taste sensation was also gandrungi.

The location of GAS STATIONS that often stops the rider also support this niaganya activity. Often, many riders who after refuelling, stop over to sample tofu gejrot companionship.

"Well be 30-35 servings when rame," said Agus. His income he can not he enjoy himself, but rather should be shared with the owners of the companionship. Percentage of about 60 percent of total earnings he setorkan.

As for the day, Agus an average carry around 35-45 servings know gejrot. One portion is big valued Rp 5-6 thousand. Sometimes, he brought 50 servings of tofu. This step is taken depending on the situation and conditions.

For Agus, the meaning of love is when jualannya many buyers. Simple. Instead, the suffering mean when gejrotnya know more wagon box displayed his bike rather than there is on the stomach-stomach patrons.

In tune with it, there's not much hope Agus in this lifetime. Can eat, meet the needs of the family and a little bit of saving, for him to have enough. Great expectations just inflicted upon future generations, his son, Sekarsari (20), and Santoso (15).

Heavy rain, Sheltering in the stalls, ' Forced ' Es Teler

ES Teler known delights sampled resep es pisang ijo ala resto
kala hot or sunny afternoon. However, another story when residents drop by Lasehan Es Teler Bamboo yellow, the front of the Mall, Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan MTos, Makassar city.

Dozens of residents suddenly stop  resep es teler kelapa muda
this stall due to the heavy rain mengguyur. Rain accompanied by lightning, starting at 13, Friday (27/11/2015). A dozen among the dozens of people who stopped in the shade this gegas ordering es teler for while taking a seat, in the stall.

The rest, who don't buy ice reler, just get pulled over on the terrace or outside the stall, occasionally rainy, wet-kepercik basahan.

"In order to go in sit first, yes the message," said a visitor while passed out in front of the author. Oh yes, the author himself ordered orange juice.

Most of that drop shade is youth and lemudi, about their students. Until news is written, heavy rain is still mengguyur, accompanied by lightning and wind enough body wagging

3 Snacks a Cute Adorable

Something "funny" will always be the center of attention anyone saw it. Including the food that is served with different views.  resep lapis surabaya by ncc The following KompasTravel find the cute nan food 3 adorable.

Ebbey Taiyaki

In Japan, taiyaki commonly referred to as fish cake. The fish cake has a meaning similar to the fish. In the dough, served and taiyaki is resep tiramisu kukus ny liem
from a mixture of flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, eggs, and water that is baked on a baking sheet so the fish shaped called taiyaki.

After baking, fill the stomach of the fish can be filled in a variety of cream, such as nutella cream, vanilla cream, and red bean cream. Then visitors are allowed choose ice cream suit his/her preferences. Available flavors of vanilla and green tea. And additional select 2 of your favorite toppings.

The toppings are available any time like biscuit stick, strawberry, oreo, choco sauce, froot loops, biscuit, almond choco chips, and marshmallows. Choose as you like.


Bapao often we encounter with the display of the color white and round. But what about when bapao was presented with a form that is adorable? Bapao are available at Poppao. Poppao is a food that sells tenant bapao with unusual creations.

Like in this December, Poppao special Christmas themed bapao makes, but with a sense that remain. It feels any sense consists of peanut butter, chocolate, cheese, choco tausa, taro, salted egg custard, sweet cheese, pandan custard apples, beans, tiramisu, rendang chicken, soy sauce chicken, and chicken teriyaki.

When you visit the tenant this meal, try the best-selling menu from Poppao such as peanut butter, pandan custard apples, chicken teriyaki, chocolate, tiramisu, choco ceese, chicken and soy sauce.

And also, when you want to give it as a gift a loved one, it is very precise. Because, this cute bapao can last for 3 days.

Poppao is also now available in shopping malls such as Mal Summarecon Mal Summarecon Serpong, Jakarta, Mal Ciputra Jakarta Mall of Indonesia, Mal Artha Gading Square, Ace Thamrin Nine, Supermal Karawaci, and botanical Square.

Yi Kon

The rise of Korea culture in this world, making the fields for a business venture, especially food. Moreover, ice cone corn is being hunted by many food lovers because of its uniqueness.

No exception Yi Kon providing ice cone with corn flavor that more such creations are available with 3 letter i.e., J, U, and V.

In contrast to ice cream, ice cream tower has a taste that is more crunchy at the cone. When bitten, cone gave him a different texture like a crispy wafer.

For cone, ice cream tower only provides a sense of taro. Taro flavor and milk together on a whim cone inimembuat You want to continue to enjoy it.

Return To Question Consciousness Of Cleanliness

Leading up to 13.00, Monday (14/12), on the back of the cafeteria on campus Dramaga Agrimart Bogor agricultural University. A wide range 

Resep Ikan Asam Manis Enak Banget of cuisine is served at the buffet table so tempting and makes the stomach hungry churned.

The students look heartily eat lunch before following the next courses. There is a pleasant with rice, fried chicken, and sweet iced tea. Some are devouring gado-gado, karedok,

Resep Lontong Sayur Enak Banget sayur, satay, and MI. There is also who brought their own rice so only buy kangkung and fried tofu and tempe bacem.

Invisible impression of anxiety on their faces. They eat voraciously interspersed the jokes and chatter. The rise of the hepatitis A virus news infecting more than 30 student IPB like not disturbing them.

"Because it doesn't Cook your own, Yes, the run. Affordable, Yes, in the cafeteria of the campus or at stalls outside (the campus), "said Prosper, a student of Faculty of SCIENCES.

What about hygiene and food safety in those places? Prosperous and a number of his friend no one dared to be sure. Their answer is almost the same, the new food hygiene is assured if it is self made.

Akbar Tanjung, other students of the Faculty of SCIENCES was hospitalized the works Bhakti Pratiwi, Bogor, as contracted hepatitis A, stating, it's difficult to get food that is clean, safe, secure and healthy snack.


Based on the IPB logging until Monday, 33 students were exposed to hepatitis a. On mass health screening, Friday last week, of the 162 students are examined, 11 people requested check blood and result in positive student 5 exposed to hepatitis A so need to be hospitalized.

The next day, a mass examination was held again and followed 405 students. According to the Director of Student Affairs IPB Decman Santoso, last Monday, 34 students requested check the blood, but it is not yet known how much of a positive hepatitis A.

From logging it, the majority of which were exposed to hepatitis A is students who live off-campus, such as salaries, rented, or boarding houses.

Of concern

Campus Dramaga in Bogor regency, West Java, is one of two areas of campus-owned IPB. Another one is located in the city of Bogor. According to Decman, out of a total of around 26000 IPB students, about 20000 students are enrolled at Dramaga.

One of the villages closest to the campus Dramaga is the village of Babakan, Bogor regency Dramaga Subdistrict. The head of the village of Babakan Syaehu Sham mentions, in his village there were 500 boarding houses mostly inhabited the student IPB. In Babakan there are at least 150 places of business meals with 75 places built by IPB.

Most student boarding houses in Babakan in conditions of concern. Narrow rooms. One of the buildings and other buildings only narrow aisles separated by wide approximately 1 meter.

Many homes that the distance between the septic tank and well just about 5 meters, less than the requisite distance of at least 10 metres. Camat Dramaga Baihaki said, most lodging in Babakan does have a septic tank near the well. Supposedly, Baihaki said, the owners of housing services make communal septic tank and wear network service TAPS.

Around the salaries there are many food stalls, photocopying, and internet outlets that looks less clean and orderly.

UPT head of Bogor regency Health Office Dramaga Fitriani Tjiptoputranti said, such conditions can trigger the emergence of a variety of ailments, including hepatitis a.

According to gastroenterologist Faculty of medicine University of Indonesia Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital/Jakarta, Ari Fahrial sham, based on this experience, cases of hepatitis A occur at the end of the drought is entering the rainy season. That is especially the case if the food hygiene and environmental health is bad.

In addition, the likelihood of occurrence in populations living in the same place, such as dormitories, bigger than on the job.

ARI added, hepatitis A is an infection with a virus-caused liver organs hepatitis a. hepatitis A Virus is found in the stool of infected patients. Food and drink into the mainstream media the cause of transmission of this virus, in addition to direct contact.

Director General of disease control and environmental health Health Ministry M dawn, Sunday, conveying, that needs to be done after the extraordinary events of hepatitis A in IPB is fixing the food and environmental hygiene.

"The most important Thing now, improving food and environmental hygiene, such as access to clean water in a dormitory and place food processor. In addition, the behavior of living clean and healthy with handwashing always wears the SOAP on water flows also needs to be done, "he said.

Vice Rector for academic and Student Affairs Field IPB Yonni Kusmaryono says, all the cafeteria has been asked to increase the cleanliness of the environment, especially ensuring that food sold secure clean, safe, and healthy.

Among the cafeteria manager also justified, since the spread of hepatitis A affected student preaching, they requested more memperhati